Sukhoi Superjet 100 Aircraft Accident on Keflavik Airport on July 21st 2013

25 júl. 2013

On Sunday morning July 21st at 05:23 AM, Sukhoi Superjet 100 of Russian experimental registry  97005 was performing a certification test flight under cross wind condition at RWY 11 on Keflavik  Airport (BIKF), Iceland. The purpose, prior to the event, was to perform a low pass/missed approach with one engine shut down, close to the airplane‘s maximum weight limit, in cross wind condition. During the approach and the low pass, the landing gears were in down position.  During the go-around procedure, and after the landing gears were retracted, the airplane decented with the result of landing at the RWY with the landing gears up. The  aircraft skidded down the runway and stopped outside the end of the runway. There  were 5 persons on board the flight. One person was injured during the accident. 

The accident is being investigated by the Icelandic Transportation Accident Investigation Board. The Russian Federation has appointed an Accredited Representative to the Investigation. The Air Accident Investigation Commission in Russia will also participate to the investigation.

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