About the ITSB

The ITSB investigates accidents in accordance with the Act on the Investigation on Transportation Accident No.18/2013.

The ITSB shall operate autonomously and independently from public authorities and shall in its investigations be independent of other investigating parties, a prosecuting authority, and courts.

The investigation institute is headed by a Director appointed by the Minister of Interior. The Director is responsible for and conducts the Board's daily operations making sure that they are in accordance with the laws and regulations applicable at any given time. A three member board of specialists is responsible for reviewing the institute's investigation work and approves investigation reports before issue.

Upon completion of an investigation, the ITSB shall, as soon as possible write and publish a report with the result of the investigation. The report shall detail the cause or probable cause of the aircraft accident as well as provide recommendations for safety measures that may be taken to avoid further accidents due to the same or similar causes or to reduce their consequences.

The objective of aircraft accident investigation, which is to determine the causal factors of aircraft accidents with the sole purpose of preventing further accidents, shall be indicated on the front page of every final report published by the ITSB. The reports shall not attempt to assign guilt or responsibility.

Under special circumstances, the ITSB is authorized to issue a statement on the conclusion of an investigation or to complete an investigation of a case with the statement of an opinion instead of issuing a report.

An investigation report may be done in English, i.a. if a party in the case is a foreign national.